In 201 205 210 302 320*240 Asha200 C3-00 X2-01

Sailfish OS Live Theme For Nokia c3-00,x2-01,asha200,201,205,210,302 320*240 Devices.

SSailfish OS Live Theme For Nokia c3-00,x2-01,asha200,201,205,210,302 320*240 Devices. all.I hope you enjoyed my previous themes very much,and specially the Fifa Theme.This time i am publishing this that was requested on Facebook.I liked his request because it was new and very good.After some days of my hard work on this, now i am publishing Sailfish OS Live Theme For Nokia c3-00,x2-01,asha200,201,205,210,302 320*240 Devices..Already this theme is available for nokia s40v5/6 and touch and Type devices.Sailfish is an operating system for phones like android,ios etc.In this theme i have used a sailfish wallpaper for the background of flash file and other backgrounds.I have used sailfish os icons for this theme. .This theme is in blue and White color combinations.In this theme there is a Digital clock with calendar and a Live weather indicator icon on the home screen.the all the graphics are designed with the help of Photoshop.I have downloaded this icons from the official site of the OS.I hope you all will appreciate my work.Download and enjoy the theme. Please Like and comment if you like my stuff.Thank You.

This theme is free for download, just click the below given download link button to download the theme.For pc users just click on the link and choose save file as in the options to save the file on your hard-drive or you can choose the option open with Nokia suite if you have installed the Nokia suite on your pc. After choosing the option open with Nokia suite connect your phone with data-cable or by Bluetooth to transfer and install the theme on your phone.If you are mobile user just click the download button to download the theme and save file in your phone.After downloading the file close the browser and open the location of the theme and just select and press ok button to install the theme.that's it, you have installed the new theme on your phone.

If any body find any difficulty to install the theme you can ask me by commenting your problem(s) in the comments section,I will feel very happy to solve your issue (s.You can also share your new ideas about themes,i will appreciate your all ideas and will work hard to implement you ideas in my themes.Friends if you have any complaints about my themes you can tell me your complaint(s) in comments section.I will make every step to overcome it.I am hopping that your all are enjoying my themes,in the return i am just expecting the support of your all guys to visit my blog and download the themes.Hey Friends help me the spread my blog to the every corner of the world,so i can keep providing you all the new themes everyday.Thank you all for the love and you support to My themes.

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