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Wordle joins The New York Times Crossword App

Playing Wordle is now accessible on The New York Times Crossword App, which is downloadable through Apple and Google Play.

The New York Times Crossword app for iOS and Android phones now allows solvers to play Wordle, which New York Times Games is happy to announce. With a free New York Times account, players may remember their stats and streaks and continue where they left off on any device.

Does that indicate that you must purchase Wordle right away?

Not quite. Only if you wish to use Wordle on the New York Times Crossword app will you need to pay the subscription cost. The New York Times website, which users may access through any mobile, desktop, or laptop browser, nevertheless allows players to enjoy the game for free.

When NYT acquired Wordle in January 2022, it also made a commitment to gamers to keep the game free. Users may be concerned about adding Wordle to the Crossword app, which was already a subscription-based platform, but the game is still available for free for the time being on the website.

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